Monday, December 24, 2007

being crafty...

I love the look of felt mom gave me a few that were on our Christmas tree when I was little. So on Saturday I decided that I would make some as gifts. I made 3 for my friend from work, her birthday is on Christmas Day! They were a snowflake, simple circle design, and a tree (no picture..oops). I then made a green and white heart like the blue one in the pics for Wayne's grandma. The rest of them are in the pics below. These were not hard to make, just took some time with my kiddos wanting all my attention.Back Row: the first one with the football is for Trevor. I made it in his team colors from Rookie Football. In the middle is the one for Scarlett. She is an animal lover so I decided to make her a scottie dog. I love scotties, and love how this one turned out. The last in the back row is for Chelsea. This is also a favorite of mine.
Front Row: the blue and grey heart is for my grandma on my dad's side. I really like how the denim blue and heather grey look up against eachother. In the middle is one I made for my grandma on my mom's side. It matches the tree ornaments that my mom made for everyone at her cookie exchange a few weeks ago. The last one in front is for my mom. This one seems very retro to me. I loved it so much that I made a second one for me!!

Here is another shot of them.

I love being somewhat crafty! I will never compare to what my mom does...she is the master of craftiness!! But I can work well with felt...last year it was our stockings, this year ornaments, and hopefully next year it will be my tree skirt.

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