Tuesday, June 12, 2007

100 Things....

Just like Sally and Donavan, I too had to try writing down 100 things about myself. Was a very difficult task..but I think I got it all. Hope it's not too terribly boring.

1. I'm turning 30 in 3 months!!

2. I've been married for 4 years, however have been together for 8.

3. Mother of 2 kids

4. My son is almost 6 weeks old and my daughter is 2 years old.

5. I used to want to be a mechanic, football player for the 49ers, President of the U.S.A, and a teacher (all at the same time).

6. My dad liked my husband before I met him.

7. I've dated 2 of my brother's friends and ended up marrying one of them.

8. I've been backwards bungee jumping! What a RUSH!!!

9. I have a bad habit of biting my nails.

10. If I sit in a swivel chair I have to, I mean have to swivel!! It is a must!

11. My favorite Disney character is Piglet

12. I once thought a Rocket Scientist was THE best scientist ever!! Didn't know they actually worked on Rockets.

13. I can wiggle my ears

14. I teach 1st grade

15. I used to think Lake McClure was made from dinosaur pee....thanks mom!!

16. I had to go to eye therapy when I was little....my right eye had major issues.

17. Was on the cross-country team in Jr High

18. I've been to 8 states along the southern part of the U.S.

19. Been to Louisana, but haven't actually seen it...I was asleep the entire time.

20. I love watching Deadliest Catch with my husband

21. While I was in labor both times, I kept thinking about food, even while pushing.

22. Sizzlers is my favorite place to eat.

23. I am not a good dancer or singer

24. Like Sally, I too love sour candy!

25. I lived with my parents until I got married

26. I was born with black hair, later it turned blonde.

27. It is now brown, my natural color

28. I've never had a broken bone

29. Never had stitches

30. My sister told me I was adopted from apes and I believed her until I was 5!!

31. I am a preschool drop-out!

32. I love Chinese food

33. One of my favorite cartoon movies is The Brave Little Toaster

34. I love to nap on the couch with Kara

35. I've been on 1 cruise

36. I have a very very very crafty mom!! I am hoping that someday I will be that way too.

37. I've had 5 jobs: The bowling alley, Jack in the box, KFC, Home Depot, and now a Teacher.

38. In the 2 years of teaching I've been at 2 schools: Los Banos Elementary and Pioneer in Merced (still at Pioneer).

39. One of my favorite memories as a child is spending time on my Uncle's houseboat.

40. I met my mother-in-law in the drive thru of KFC (I was working) and I met my husbands grandpa at Home Depot.

41. I have a dog, yellow lab mix, named Roxy.

42. My husband and 2 children are my world!!

43. I used to talk in my sleep, still do occasionally

44. I always tell my friends that I will do naked cartwheels to cheer them up.

45. I unlike 2 of my friends do not have a DVR or TIVO....sad

46. I love to act silly with Donavan.....remember the kidnapping of the frog!!

47. I love it when my daughter tells me she loves me

48. I have an older sister and a younger brother.

49. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew

50. Donavan is the only person that I will dance with to "I Got You Babe"

51. I have a beautiful home, well at least I think I do.

52. I have my mom to thank for helping decorating it.

53. I've always had a major crush on Joe Montana

54. I love to read Romance novel, and not the trashy ones.

55. I think I am a decent cook

56. I love to shop

57. Target is my favorite store

58. My nickname is Beana

59. I can't stand whole or cut green beans but I love french cut ones

60. I have a frog tattoo on my lower back.

61. I didn't like pancakes until I had Kara, now I love them.

62. I'm not a big fan of chocolate

63. I am terrified of Kubby the Bear (mascot for Kubb Country)

64. Country Music is my absolute fave!!

65. My parents are my heros

66. Diet Pepsi is so much better than diet coke...sorry Sally

67. I wish I could really start scrapbooking...made one album

68. Actually I wish I had a hobby or had time for a hobby

69. I've never been snow skiing, snow boarding, or jet skiing

70. I love being a wife and mommy!

71. I really enjoy coloring

72. I sleep with 3 pillows

73. I don't like getting my picture taken unless it's by a professional

74. I'm allergic to penicillian

75. I love camping

76. I can't stand liars

77. I can be very gullable

78. I can not stand sea food of any kind

79. When grocery shopping I have a specific way of loading my cart and making my way through the store...this really bothers Wayne.

80. I wish I was more organized at home like I am at school

81. I can't stand folding laundry or washing dishes

82. I don't like exercising....very bad at it

83. I can be very shy around people I don't know.

84. I love my girlfriends for who they are

85. I tend to be over critical about my work

86. I worry about anything and everything....Wayne is constantly telling me to relax

87. I never cared for guns or hunting.....yeah I married a hunter...he has guns

88. My husband is my bestfriend...

89. My mom is also my bestfriend...I can go to her about anything without her judging me

90. I have never seen any of the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies

91. I tend to get bored with my hair and have to cut it.

92. I've had many different hairstyles....well haven't done the Bald Brittney yet...don't think I will

93. I love pickles

94. I can play FreeCell on the computer for hours and I mean hours. This drives Wayne crazy

95. I love to hear my daughter laugh uncontrollably.....such a sweet sound

96. I am very much afraid of rodents and snakes

97. I love watching old shows on Nick at Night

98. I love the summertime...despite the very hot dry heat we suffer from.

99. Both of my pregnancies were wonderful...very easy!

100. I said I wanted at least 1 kid by the time I was 30....I met that goal and had my 2nd kid before I turned 30!! Yeah baby!!!

Wow! I can't believe I actually came up with 100 things. Much easier said than done. I only started this at 5:00 pm Tuesday.....took a long break from it and finished it at 5:37am Wednesday....sheesh!!


My world said...

i must tell you my favorite silly moments are with you sabrina, of course the frog, but do you remember us picking out our halloween costumes at target?? we walked in them for hours!! or the time you acted like mary poppins, actually pulled a lamp out of your purse!!! and yes i must agree diet pepsi is way much better then diet coke!! LOVE YA!!

Megan said...

Deadliest Catch is the best show! The Northwestern is my favorite.

I totally know what you mean about rocket scientists--I actually married one!