Monday, June 21, 2010

I finally did it after a year......

Ok so the last time I used my sewing machine was Easter before last. Sally has been sewing on hers and it inspired me...along with the countless craft blogs she has been sending me!

I wanted to make the kids swim cover ups. I had it in my head what I wanted to do and was all prepared to go buy some terry cloth material....UNTIL my mom gave me the idea to use bath towels!
Went to target and picked up some in fun colors/stripes and I finally made them today.
(I only called my mom about 4-5 times to make sure I was doing it correctly!)

So here they are:

Kara chose pink. Hers was a full size bath only cost $5.99

Close up of the straps and the button on the side. The entire thing was made from the towel..including the straps!

.Michael chose a green stripe....his is a hand towel! It was only $3.99
I added velcro to his to keep it closed

It's also reversable!!
Can't wait to work on some more cute projects!

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