Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look what I'm doing!

So for a couple of years now I've been wanting to make Kara some hairclips. A couple of weeks ago I made Kara some clips and then decided to try my hand at selling them. I went to the Atwater Fall Festival this past Saturday and sold a few of them and have also sold a few at work. Here are just a sampling of what I have made....Hope you enjoy them and if there is any interest in ordering/purchasing some..just leave me a comment!

Lady Bugs

Bumble Bees

Christmas mix and match


Brown and Pink Hearts

Brown and Pink on Hot Pink Headband.......any bow can be attached to these headbands

Halloween Bows


Birthday or Valentines
I can do any design. I'm still learning more and more everyday. I can put anything from buttons (some are unique and very old..), wooden pieces (lady bugs, bumble bees, etc.) or anything else you can think of on them.
Coming Soon are ponytail holders and I'm working on creating bow holders!
Can't wait....I'm having a lot of fun with this!!


My world said...

they are all just too cute.

Amy said...

Adorable!!! When Kendall grows more hair, I want some! :-)