Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Zoo

We suprised the kids with a trip to Chaffee Zoo today. It was such a perfect day weather wise for the trip. They had a blast seeing the Elephants (Kara's favorite), feeding the giraffes, and feeding the ducks before heading home.
Kara is fascinated with Elephants

Silly Michael

Very cool animals

Michael and Daddy feeding the giraffe

Kara even did it (she's not always as brave as Michael)

My favorite picture

Isn't this the coolest, cutest, tiniest frog ever. They have a new exhibit inside the Rainforest Exhibit called Tropical Treasures (I think that was the name). Lots of cute things in there!

His wings were huge!
After we left the zoo we walked over to the lake area of the park and fed the geese some bread. Michael actually got a bit close at one point and we think he might have gotten pinched by a Goose.....who knows! They had fun doing it!

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My world said...

Looks like you guys had fun, hey a couple things; 1) YOU need to be in the pictures more 2) Michael looks just LIKE Billy, I can't get over it 3) Love the elephant picture!!