Friday, November 28, 2008

Outside bubbly fun!!

A couple of weekends ago when the weather was so nice I spent some time outside with the kids. Kara was dying to blow some bubbles she scored at a birthday party for Ryan. We went out front and had a blast blowing bubbles and running around.

She loves to pose...well sometimes
My sweet Michael....

Hanging with Daddy

so relaxing...
He was saying "bubbles..."

she's beautiful!

darn tree stake....

I'm not sure why Kara is blowing bubbles at the For Sale sign.

We had to swing around in circles..

...and Michael had too also!! I was very dizzy afterwards but it was fun!
Life has been crazy and stressful lately and it was a nice break to let go for a bit and enjoy the warm sunshine with the kids.....they really make me happy!!

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